What Are The Most Common IV Fluids?

The human body comprises of about 60% water, and almost 70% of this water is stored intracellularly. At any point in time when there is a reduction in the volume of water in the body, a condition called dehydration; IV Therapy Bar Houston can give IV fluid to replenish this shortfall to make the body stable, healthy, and fit.

Before the agent of IV Vitamins therapy, four most common IV fluids are administered on patients based on their history,  status, and current diagnosis. In this category are the crystalloids that are the most commonly ordered. Here are the four most common IV fluids.

1. 9% Normal Saline (a.k.a. NSS, 0.9 NaCl, or NS)

This intravenous fluid or solution is generally referred to as isotonic saline or physiological saline. It is highly effective and most commonly used by IV Therapy Spa Houston to replenish the loss of fluid due to diarrhea, vomiting, hemorrhage, or shock. It is also commonly used to resuscitate an unconscious patient.

Normal Saline is the only fluid that is used together with blood product administration. It contains about 0.9% sodium chloride (salt) dissolved in sterile water. However, it is avoided when treating persons with illnesses that relate to kidney, liver, or heart because the sodium that causes the retention of fluid may put the extra stress of the kidneys or heart.

2. Lactated Ringers (a.k.a. RL, LR, or Ringers Lactate)

This IV fluid contains sodium chloride, sodium lactate, calcium chloride, and potassium chloride in sterile water. It is the most similar fluid to the serum and plasma concentration in the human body. IV Therapy Bar Houston can administer this solution to persons that have burn accidents or persons with hypovolemia. However, it is not suitable for persons that have liver disease because of the presence of lactate in the concentration, which their livers will not be able to process efficiently.

3. 5% Dextrose in Water (a.k.a. D5W or D5)

This IV fluid is an isotonic carbohydrate (sugar) solution containing glucose as the solute. When it is given, the glucose gets absorbed quickly by the cells and converted into energy leaving only the water. This solution provides 170 calories per liter, and it is an ideal drip therapy Houston most suited for persons with diabetes but avoided for persons with heart and kidney diseases.

4. 45% Normal Saline (a.k.a. Half Normal Saline, 0.45NaCl)

This IV fluid is a solution of sodium chloride dissolved in sterile water unlike the 0.9% NS that is isotonic. It is used to treat dehydration of the cells that resulted from diabetic ketoacidosis or hypernatremia. It is avoided in persons with trauma, burns, or liver disease because it tends to deplete intravascular fluid levels.

You can contact vitality iv Therapy Spa Houston for a suitable IV fluid, which will be administered only after a thorough test to know your present state of health and body needs.