3 Things To Consider When Getting IV Drip Therapy

3 things to consider when considering getting an IV Drip Therapy. 

Ultimately, knowledge is power when it comes to seeking IV therapy. Here's what clinicians and IV therapy regulars say you should be aware of:

1. Know the risks.
While there are many benefits to IV Therapy.  IV Drip Therapy isn't for everyone. For example people with congestive heart failure should be cautious because excess fluids in the bloodstream which can further strain the body. People on certain medications or with some allergies may not be good candidates, some recreational drug users are also not a good candidate for IV Drip Therapy.  Be sure to disclose all to your technician either on the phone or at the appointment.

Also keep in mind that any time you puncture your skin – even during a standard blood test – there's a risk of infection, he adds.  As Brown puts it: "There are those who know how to do an IV well and those who don't." Medics and nurses who administer IVs on a regular basis are good choices.  (Like those at vitality iv studio)

2. Choose clinics wisely.
"They are not all the same." Some feel unprofessional; the best have a clinical vibe. "When someone's sticking something in your arm, you want that feeling of [security]," Dickens says.

Clinics can vary widely because they're not tightly regulated. "Vitamin infusions have been around a while, but there's kind of this resurgence right now, but with that, there aren't a lot of protocols written," he says, noting his center is working on changing that.   Make sure they employ a medical director who oversees the vitamin treatments.

3. Manage expectations.
Whether you're visiting a clinic once to revive yourself after a wild night or scheduled there regularly to stay healthy, keep in mind that IV therapy, like any treatment, isn't a cure-all. "Health and wellness is really a thoughtful, slow, methodical process," Brown says, while he thinks IV therapy is more of a quick fix. "People don't spend enough time to be patient with their health and be patient with their body."

Realize that even though you may have a very experience technician administering the IV bruising may happen for a number of reasons.

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Shared a recent article from US News and World Reports.   The Full article can be found here:  https://health.usnews.com/wellness/articles/2016-07-07/should-you-try-iv-therapy

Tom Jackobs