Is IV Therapy Safe?

Being the latest promotion of the advancement in the health and wellness, many people inquire about the safety of receiving the IV drip and IV vitamin, irrespective of the known benefits that the therapy offers. Knowing how safe the treatment will help to clear the skepticism and eliminate their reluctance to take advantage of the IV therapy.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

The IV therapy is safe, effective, and well-tolerated by a large number of recipients. The risk attached to receiving IV drip is highly minimal and rarely results in any adverse effects.

IV therapy is an alternative method of enhancing the body with the required amount of vitamins and minerals the body needs. As a result of the oral intake of vitamin supplements, just a little content gets into the bloodstream for transportation into the cells, which consequently result in micronutrients deficiency. But IV therapy involves introducing a large dose of essential vitamins into the circulatory system.

Usually, a test is carried out on the intending recipients to determine the precise need to prepare a tailor-made IV vitamin or IV drip for them. Consequently, the recipients will receive the right amount of vitamins they need.

IV therapy is usually administered gradually through an intravenous process which is expected to last for about one hour. However, if the procedure is rushed, the recipient may feel a warm or flushing sensation as a result of the quick increase of magnesium in the circulatory system. Meanwhile, the sensation may not be felt if the procedure is administered slowly. Besides, some patients may have the taste of vitamins in their mouth after receiving the IV drip.


The IV vitamin is known to be safe without any known side effects. However, patients who are taking special medications that contain potassium-depleting contents should inform their physicians about such medicines before taking IV drip in order to determine the likely effects of the interactions of the IV vitamins with the already taken medicines.

However, on a general scale of safety, IV therapy is safe for everybody and is encouraged to be taken to improve overall health and wellness and combat the symptoms and effects of illnesses and diseases.