How Often Should I Do IV therapy?

How often you should do IV therapy depends mostly on your specific needs or treatment. Remember that each patient’s IV therapy is customized to specific conditions or requirements. As a result, the interval or frequency of IV vitamin infusion may not be the same for every recipient.

The IV drip can be given as a one-off treatment either before or after an event but customized according to your needs. A patient undergoing a customized IV therapy treatment for cancer can receive high doses of Vitamin C IV drips up to three times a week while a healthy person may require IV therapy just once or twice a month.

As a requirement, pre-treatment diagnostic tests are carried out to determine your actual need and how often you should be receiving IV vitamin. However, an individual’s treatment program may involve up to six cycles set up to meet certain health issues.

In the course of the treatment, further tests may be carried out to examine the impact of the IV therapy on your health and the specific condition for which the procedure was set up. Adjustments can be made by your physician if necessary to make you benefit from the treatment as expected.

Many patients report significant improvements after only one IV drip, but it could be repeated once a week for a month for other healthy individuals considering the treatment needs and rate of improvements to the treatment.

How often you should do IV therapy depends on your need as determined by a diagnostic test carried out on you, your present condition (symptoms of illnesses and diseases), and the recommendations of your physician. It is a painless and convenient treatment that is beneficial to everybody, and you are advised to take advantage of it to improve your general health and wellness, and also to reverse that aging process.